ICLW Help!

Hello fellow ICLWers!

I’ve been reading all your fantastic blogs all week – but none of the blogger ones (basically all of them) will let me leave comments.  One did and then none of the others would… it lets me type it, then put in my wordpress account but when I press post it just refreshes and stays on the same page (so with my comment written up but not published/sent for approval).

I am new to blogging and hideously untechnical so might be missing something obvious but if anyone can suggest anything that would be great…it’s really frustrating to read all your blogs and then be stopped from commenting!

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!




2 thoughts on “ICLW Help!

  1. Hi There! Stopping by from ICLW to say Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you’ve been making some important decisions! Hope everything works out-all my best to you!

  2. I had to switch to Google Chrome in order to leave comments last month. Maybe that’s the problem? But, I’m not IT expert (although my DH is). Hope that helps!

    ICLW #47

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