Hang in there eggs…

So I’ve been doing a lot of googling.  I always obsessively google and research things, and now I’ve got something else to be obsessed about.

I read today that not only do the majority of the eggs you are born with not make it to puberty with you, but that around 25 eggs die each day. 25.  As L has told me more than once today, I’ve got millions, so this is hardly alarming.  I can’t help it, I’m alarmed.

My poor suicidal eggs.  After surviving for 28 years with not a sperm in sight they must be giving up on me.  No carefree sperm during the teenage years, no malfunctioning contraception since to give them a fighting chance.  Every month since I was 13 they’ve (hopefully) been faithfully sending out an emissary and have been met with an empty uterus while the rest of my body has been engaging in Saphic fun.

Hang in there eggs.  I really am coming for you soon.

In much much better news, I got my first set of test results back and early indications suggests my eggs are not planning an imminent mutiny.

The test results have mostly been interpreted by Doctor Google and my new best friend Doctor Blog so if anyone wants to reassure me that my newly self awarded medical degree is not malfunctioning I’d be grateful.   Firstly, it listed a bunch of STIs I wasn’t worried I had but now have documentary proof that I don’t.

They key bits are:

Serum free T4 level 15.7 pmol/L
Serum TSH level 1.23 mu/L
Serum LH Level 3.6 u/L
Serum FSH level 5 u/L

Serum progesterone 41 nmol/L (and this was done on day 23 of a 30 day cycle)

That’s OK isn’t it? My appointment with the fertility centre is Friday, and until then I only have google to reassure me!


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